New Home Owner? Plant your first tree….NOW

Nothing says I live here until you have dug in some dirt……But First…..


Ensure you have the right tree for where you would like to plant it. If you are looking for shade in the years to come, make sure you choose something that will get big enough to cast those shadows you desire. Does it have enough space to spread its roots? Make sure it is far enough away from buildings.

Don’t forget your soil, as it will impact the life of the tree you plant. If you have a hot, dry yard, stay away from those who prefer moist, cool soil.

Want results and want them now? We all tend to be that way sometimes but remember, a quick growth is not always the best growth. Those saplings tend to loose more branches and die sooner than those that took their time to develop into something strong and beautiful.


After you have decided on the perfect tree, make sure you do not plant the roots to deeply, they may die an early death. Dig wide and shallow!

And remember, trees love Autumn. In the Fall, trees focus all their energy on growing new roots. In the spring, they work on new twigs and leaves.


So, grab a shovel with family and friends, mark it on your calender and enjoy the many years you and it will spend together!


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If you’re happy, we’re happy!